Childcare Tips For Parents During The Holidays.


Every parent and all those involved in childcare have been there before: rambunctious children hopping on the dining table; tossing books off the bookshelf and screaming in sheer joy or pain, while you’re in the middle of an online meeting.

Sometimes, it’s even more dramatic and all you can do to keep from having a panic attack is to throw your hands up in surrender and burst into tears.

How do successful parents deal with childcare and cope with kids during the holidays?

Many parents often look forward to the holiday season when they will have the opportunity to spend quality time with their children.

But very few parents are quite prepared for the chaos that accompanies children’s activities during this period.

Most parents spend their time trying to control their children, and at the end of the day, they are exhausted and stressed.

To avoid being overwhelmed, here are some essential things to realize and do.

Always Remember that Childhood is a Phase.   

One of the biggest mistakes that parents make in childcare is to treat children like adults. The chaos and commotion associated with children’s behavior is part of the normal developmental process of growing up.

Instead of trying in vain to change and stop these behaviors, parents should instead focus their attention on regulating and channeling their children’s energy to positive activities.

Don’t Have High Expectations.

A lot of parents expect their children to grow up too quickly. Many children, who lost the opportunity to be children during their childhood, end up dysfunctional.

Parents should also remember that children develop at their own pace. Never make the mistake of comparing your children to each other or other children.

When your children fail to meet your high expectations, don’t panic; instead, lower your standard and give them some time. Failure to do this will put unnecessary pressure on your children and cause you stress.


During the school period, your children followed some schedule. They knew when to wake up, have their bath and breakfast, go to school and return from school, do their homework, and when it’s time to go to bed.

But children seem to take a break from all these during the holiday season. They focus all their energy in play and other destructive behavior that can become stressful to their parents.

To prevent this, parents should not completely abandon their children’s school period schedule, but instead, do some rescheduling. According to some childcare experts, having a program for your children will bring some order to their daily activities.

Let Your Children Help You with House Chores. 

House chores seem to double during the holidays. For parents who do not have house helps, housework can be suffocating. 

Parents usually underestimate the abilities of their children to perform some activities. But until you let them try out some things, you may not be aware of what your children are capable of doing.

Children can perform some simple house chores like dish-washing, setting the table, arranging their rooms, cleaning up after playing games, etc.

Never lose Your Cool.

There is always the tendency for parents who are taking care of children at home to go crazy and lose their cool. Once you get angry, you are no longer in control, and things can rapidly go downhill from there.

The natural reaction of most parents when their children are all over the place and turning things upside down is to start yelling and blaming everyone.

To avert losing their cool, parents should always focus on the solution instead of the problem. Parents must avoid depression and learn how to maintain good mental health during childcare.

Keep Your Children Busy.

There is a famous saying that ‘when children are not doing anything, they are doing mischief’.

Parents must therefore keep your children busy by allowing them to go outside and explore the world around them.

Exploring your house will do neither your children nor their parents any good. Instead, take them outside to play and discover things for themselves.

Apart from learning new things from the world around them, your children will come back spent and ready to have quality rest and sleep.


The holidays are a great time for parents to spend quality time with their children. But it can quickly degenerate into a nightmare for many parents.

Understanding your children, their capabilities, and their developmental stage will help you adapt and manage the stress associated with child care.

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