Why Skill Acquisition Is Better Than A College Degree.

Skills Better Than Degree

There was an apparent obsession with going to school and obtaining degrees, certificates, diplomas, and other forms of credentials. But skill acquisition is now on the increase.

For a lot of us, skill acquisition was out of the question.  The advice was – go to school and get a degree so you can get a good job and be happy.

Unfortunately, for many, that script did not work out the way it was written. Those who went to college found out the hard way that a degree does not necessarily mean success or happiness in life.

While going to college and getting a degree is okay; that kind of education is not and cannot work for everyone.

The Problem with College Education.

College education involves the process of giving and receiving general and specialized knowledge in a systematic and organized manner.

College education exposes students to the art of critical thinking so they can help to provide answers to the various problems that plague the world.

But one of the biggest problems of a college education is that students come out with very little practical skill and expertise in their discipline.

College education inundates students with a lot of theoretical knowledge and little practical experience. The result is that students come out of school with practically no idea of what they want to do with their degree.

Graduates are confused whenever they are asked in job interviews to show evidence of experience in that area.

Society has long propagated this idea that once you go to college and get a degree, your success is guaranteed. Accordingly, you can find a job and earn enough income to take care of yourself and your family. Not anymore!

There is no longer any guarantee about going to college because a college degree is a certificate to hustle. It is only a stepping stone. It is what you do with the degree after you’ve left school that determines your success.

Having a college degree is like getting a brand new computer. It is of little value to you until you install programs and software according to what you want to accomplish.

Most often, the knowledge and information that helps you to succeed are those that you get and learn after you have left school.

People who refuse to continue to learn after college are functional illiterates. College education does not give you the skills required for real-life practice.

Skills are king.

The importance of skill acquisition can be seen in the way more, and more companies are now hiring highly skilled people without a college degree.

Companies like Apple, Google, IBM, etc., have all opened their doors to non-graduates with practical skill and experience in the relevant industry.

These companies have found out that the primary purpose of any business is to solve people’s problems. Therefore anyone who has the requisite skills is a great asset to any organization despite his educational background.

The Changing Work Landscape.

Thousands of employers are continually looking to hire workers who can fit into new fields. Unfortunately, you do not learn most of these skills in schools, and therefore many graduates do not have what it takes to do the job.

Our higher institutions function in a way that makes it hard for them to keep up with the ever-changing job market.

People with Skills are Earning More.

There is a growing body of evidence that shows that several low skilled artisans earn more than some college graduates.

Statistics also show non-graduate workers in the emerging areas of technology earning very high income.

College students should enroll in college programs where practical skills are taught. Some MFA in Creative Writing Programs for instance, teach practical skills that can help graduates find lectureship and publishing jobs after graduation.

To get into a fully-funded masters program you need to submit, among other materials, a statement of purpose.

Your statement of purpose must show among other things how the program will help you earn more skills and knowledge. This SOP resource can help you to write the best personal statement or letter of intent you possibly can’.

People with Practical Skills are Rarely Laid Off . 

While college graduates are everywhere searching for jobs, skilled technicians and artisans are always in high demand. Employers are paying more attention to skill acquisition rather than academic performance.

A recent report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York stated that college graduates are now for the first time in years in the US, more likely to be unemployed than others. According to the report, recent graduates are now accepting jobs considered lower than their academic level.

A Not-So-Bright Future.

As long as our universities and other institutions of higher learning keep on producing those who lack the required skills, graduates will continue to struggle in successfully navigating the current job market.

Undergraduates, and graduates, should take the bull by the horn and learn skills relevant in the job market.

Learning a relevant skill as an undergraduate will give a graduate the advantage of having an experience. According to some experts, one of the reasons why recent graduates had a lower prospect of finding a job was their lack of practical experience.

Final Thoughts.

While going to college and getting a degree is good; acquiring the requisite skills necessary to solve people’s problems in today’s job market is even better.

Employers recognize the fact that academic qualification does not show a strong work ethic. People who are talented and are ready to learn the necessary skills needed in today’s job market should not hesitate to pursue their dream, whether they have a degree or not.

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