Thesis Topic

A thesis topic is the first step in a research work required for the award of an academic degree. Undergraduates and postgraduate students are therefore required to choose a thesis topic for their research project at the end of their academic program. For many students especially undergraduates who have neverContinue Reading

Respectful Children

Many people have come to believe that respectful children are not born, but made. While there are many respectful children around, others seem to have little or no respect at all. Respect is not one of the traits that can be inherited. Rather respect is nurtured and cultivated. Respectful childrenContinue Reading

Successful Woman

There is a widespread opinion out there that successful women are finding it extremely difficult to find partners, start a relationship, and build a family. A lot of people wonder why some men are afraid to marry female lawyers. The question is, are men scared to enter into relationships withContinue Reading